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We offer a range of services to meet your unique needs

Day and Night Care

We cater to both daytime and nighttime care needs, with diverse packages designed to suit individual requirements.


During your initial assessment, our Registered Nurse will engage in a thorough discussion about your specific needs.


Together, we will determine the level of care best suited to you, ensuring a personalized approach in every aspect of our service.


Medication Assistance

Our nurses and caregivers are proficiently trained to administer medications in strict compliance with safe clinical guidelines.


They liaise seamlessly with your GP and pharmacy, playing a crucial role in ensuring your medications are accurately managed and always up-to-date.


Wound Care

Expertise in wound care is a vital part of our service. Our team of nurses and caregivers are professionally trained in managing and treating wounds in accordance with established clinical guidelines.


In collaboration with your healthcare providers, ensuring that your wound care regimen is effectively implemented, promoting healing and comfort."


Catheter Care

We're well-versed in providing comprehensive catheter care, catering to all requirements. We assist patients with temporary catheters post-discharge from the hospital, ensuring a smooth transition to home care.


We are also equipped to handle long-term catheter needs and supra-pubic catheters, providing diligent, ongoing care to enhance comfort and health outcomes.


End of Life Care

We consider it a profound privilege to provide care for individuals at the end of their life journey.


Offering comprehensive end-of-life care services, we're here to support and ensure comfort, dignity, and peace for our patients and their families during these deeply personal moments.

Personal Care

Our team includes highly trained Nursing Assistants adept at assisting our clients with all aspects of personal care.


Whether it's help with feeding, showering, or dressing, we ensure our clients receive attentive and respectful support for their day-to-day needs.


Interested in our services but not a DVA Member?

Or are you a DVA member and interested in Private Care?

We have you covered!

We're thrilled to offer both DVA and private services; Below is a list of private care fees

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Personalised Care

Every individual's needs are unique, and we believe in providing care that's as unique as you are. Our team of dedicated Care Workers and Nurses tailors services to meet the specific requirements of each individual.

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Expertise You Can Trust

Our team is comprised of skilled and experienced nursing staff who are committed to delivering the highest quality care. We provide a wide range of care needs with a level of expertise that ensures peace of mind for  clients and their loved ones.

Private & Veteran Support

We take pride in serving those who have served us. Our specialised programs for DVA clients honour our veterans with the utmost respect and professional care they deserve. We offer flexible, top-tier nursing services that support your lifestyle and personal preferences. 

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*Fee Schedule Conditions. 

Rural Location Fee - Locations around Australia may also incur a 96c per KM fee if they are deemed rural. This will be discussed prior to commencement of services
Minimum Service - A minimum of 1 hour each service is required
Out of home support - If appropriate, nurses may provide support to an appointment. However all transport must be done by a professional service such as a taxi service 

Billing - Services are billed 28 days in advance. Any cancellations or overpayments will be reimbursed at the end of the 28 day cycle. 

Reach out to learn more or download our Fee Schedule

Allow us to support you in reclaiming your life's comfort and independence

Introducing our dedicated team of trained, compassionate nurses and caregivers, here to serve you
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You can also refer someone for services, download the referral form here

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